Fire safety at a glance in the Knauf Insulation fire magazine “NATURAL FIRE PROTECTION FOR YOUR SAFETY”

Fires in buildings impact society, the environment and the economy, with a devastating 5,000 fires and 11 victims every day noted in Europe alone. Moreover, after every fire, the same questions are raised concerning the human factor, quality of building, compliance with regulations, fire safety measures, etc.

A devastating fire can occur almost anywhere in any kind of building and the first step to avoid it is to include fire protective materials in the project documentation and construction and installation.

After all, when excluding human factors in building operation, most valuable fire safety measures can be taken ahead, before starting to construct or renovate a building. Fire safety must be built into the building in its best performance taking into account the best possible fire-resistant building materials, including insulation for all segments.

Therefore, we have produced this interesting edition of a specialized magazine about fire to cover several fire safety issues.

We are sure you will find a lot of interesting content within our new Knauf Insulation fire magazine:

  • Overview of fire protection in buildings
  • Passive fire protection
  • Fire safety expertise
  • Comprehensive products’ overview
Let us fight against fire by expanding our knowledge and skills in the planning and construction of buildings
FIRE_Magazine_cover page