An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impact of products in a credible way.


The highly appreciated EPD is the final report issued after the evaluation of the product is finished. The evaluation, which considers the full value chain of the product — from the extraction of the material to finished, manufactured product, its usage and end of life — is called a life cycle assessment or LCA. The LCA is the basis for issuing the final EPD report.

Creating an EPD involves highly intensive and wide-ranging data collection, hundreds of calculations and rigorous verification, which used to take up to 6 months. Despite this fact, we took a brave step further and submitted 17 of our products for the life cycle assessment and were rewarded with the EPD label for each one of them:


  • Fire-teK BD 907 ALB
  • Fire-teK BD 908 ALU
  • Fire-teK BD 912 ALU
  • Fire-teK WM 908 GGB
  • Fire-teK WM 910 GGB


  • Thermo-teK PS Pro ALU
  • Thermo-teK PS Eco
  • Thermo-teK LM Pro ALU
  • Thermo-teK LM Eco ALU
  • Thermo-teK LM Air ALU
  • Thermo-teK LM Cld ALS
  • Thermo-teK BD 060
  • Thermo-teK BD 080
  • Thermo-teK RL Eco ALP


  • Power-teK LM 450 ALU
  • Power-teK WM 660 GGN
  • Power-teK LW STD

In decision-making processes and market competition, when choosing the right products for a particular application, all the products labelled with EPD will have a great advantage over others.

EPD Thermo-teK PS Pro ALU